Video clips

Interview with the Yao team at a recent consultation in Tanzania

Maale Bible launch in Ethiopia

Ethiopia:Complete Bible for the Maale People! from The Word for the World on Vimeo.

Roma training in June 2016 in Slovakia 


Launching of Lambya New Testament in Malawi on 23 April 2016

Launching of Lambya New Testament in Malawi 23 April 2016 in German


Promotional video for TWFTW UK May 2015 

Group consultation in Addis Ababa in Mar 2016 and interviews with the Ethiopian consultants in training 

Unabated joy from the Ndamba people at their New Testament launch

Historic Launch of New Testaments in six languages on one day in Tanzania

TWFTW Bible Translators: New Testament Launch in 6 Languages in Tanzania HD from Martha Kruger on Vimeo.

An inspiring story about the faith of an Ethiopian translator in the face of persecution and his reward of seeing people's response to the Gamo Testament.

 Gottes Wort fürs Volk der Gamo (German version of Gamo video)

National Director in Tanzania speaks about the value of the Bible.

Group consultation in Tanzania

 Consultant training in Ethiopia and SE Asia

Short one minute overview of The work of The Word for the World 


The Launch of the Eastern Slovak Roma New Testament on 8 Nov 2014

 Barry Funnell's 1000 mile sponsored hand cycle ride for Bible Translation  

An overview of The Word for the World Bible Translators by Dr B. Funnell

Dr Veroni Kruger's  TWFTW overview for Diploma Ceremony Tanzania 2013