1. Prayer and Finance

  1. Prayer partners, churches, individual supporters and supporting businesses
  2. Major donors, foundations, and charities
  3. The Seed Company -

2. Scripture Production in Various Formats  

  1. National Bible Societies
  1. Faith Comes by Hearing (produce excellent quality audio versions)
  2. The Jesus Film project (produce The Jesus film based on Luke's Gospel)

3. Training

  1. The South African Theological Seminary (SATS) – In August, 2004, SATS (an accredited distance education institution) formally recognised TWFTW’s Diploma in Bible translation as the equivalent of two years of their three year degree in Theology. A Master’s degree in Bible Translation is also offered, with Véroni Krüger of TWFTW appointed as associate faculty to serve as academic supervisor for students wishing to work towards this degree. As candidates successfully complete the Master’s degree, they can continue in a PhD programme with SATS.
  2. Guest lecturers. For more details see Get Involved  

4. Literacy

  1. Literacy and Evangelism International – Based in Oklahoma, USA, this ministry is partnering with TWFTW in the literacy project for the Sena and Lambya people of Malawi.

5. Translation

  1. Pioneer Bible Translators have partnered with us for 10 years in Tanzania on 15 translation projects
  2. Locally registered organisations with whom we partner in the various countries where we work.
  3. Short term consultants e.g. retired Bible translators, Bible college lecturers, Greek or Hebrew scholars. For more details see Get involved