This is the first project of The Word for the World. It started in the late 1980s. The progress of the work has been greatly hindered by the economic and socio-political difficulties in the country.

Nevertheless the New Testament was published in 2003 and work is continuing on the Old Testament in partnership with the Bible Society of Zimbabwe. Several books of the Old Testament have been consultant checked. The work has been coordinated by Robert and Rosemary Chimbiti.

 Translators Emmanuel and Matthew are aided by exegete, Robert (in photos from left to right), as well as fellow translators Dorothy and Walter.



3 Prospective projects:

Robert is hoping to start the following three translation projects early next year. The 3 teams, KoreKore Tawara, Nambya and Kalanga attended the first year of the recent Diploma in BibleTranslation training held in Zambia.





As soon as the teams officially start we will give more detailed information.