Our Approach

Our training consists of formal training, non-formal and on-the-job training. The Diploma in Bible Translation programme takes 4-5 years to complete. The formal training is delivered in intensive modules, usually once or twice a year for a 4-5 week period.  The intensives are followed by self study and on-the-job training under the guidance of a mentor for the rest of the year. Similarly, our MTh in Bible Translation Consultation combines academic rigour with practical experience through an internship. 

Early Involvement in Translation 
We aim to involve students in translation within the first two years of their training.  We believe that our integrated approach sharpens translation skills as actual translation experience is increased and complemented by a range of intensive modules.

Through our training programmes we seek to develop the whole person. This includes attitudes, skills and knowledge that are crucial for the work of Bible translation.  To read more click here.

The sequencing of modules, duration of the DBT programme  and manner of learning is to some extent flexible. By adapting our programme to the requirements of the students and the location, we are able to deliver it effectively in different contexts.

We seek to provide training in the countries of prospective translators, with the least amount of disruption to their own lives and those of their communities.  To see where our training is currently offered click here.

Our training is open at both ends.  This means that we consider applications on a case by case basis from those who do not satisfy all entrance requirements. On the other hand we seek to provide sufficient academic grounding to enable students to proceed with further studies. Our Diploma in Bible Translation is recognised as equivalent to two years of a BTh degree at the distance education institution SATS.  Once students have graduated with a DBT they can complete the final year of the degree programme in their country of residence through distance education at SATS. After completing a BTh Honours they can enrol in our MTh in Bible Translation Consultation and study for a PhD in Theology with the focus of Bible Translation. 

For more information  read Barry Funnell's  article about  Holistic field-based training.