By Regine Koroma 

Transforming Lives and Communities 

Earlier this year I asked graduates, facilitators, lecturers, Bible translation consultants and others what difference our integrated training makes in the long run.  The answers leave no doubt that it transforms people.  It has a ripple effect changing people from the inside out.   And those people in turn change their communities. 

Impact of Holistic Bible Translation Training
Once people learn more about the Bible and understand it much better their confidence grows. Many of our students come from marginalised communities.  When they discover the richness of their language, they start to take pride in it and grow in confidence. As they are exposed to different world views their own world view broadens and the  ongoing practice of translation under guidance of experienced practitioners and specialists nurtures problem solving skills and critical thinking.  They speak out in the community and take social action.  Communities are changed because people are changed from the inside out. To know how you can be involved in changing lives from the inside out through Bible translation click here.

Advancing Bible Translation
Eighty percent of all DBT graduates are still involved in the field of Bible translation. In addition,  the great majority of our current students are involved in translation, mostly as trainee translators. The majority of our students work with TWFTW. Others work with our partners and other like-minded organisations, including SIL International, Bible Society and Lutheran Bible Translators.  

Opening doors to Further Studies
The DBT is recognised as 2 years towards a BTh at  the South African Theological Seminary (SATS), an accredited distance education institution. For further information on SATS click here.