The Diploma in Bible Translation training programme (DBT) evolved in the 1980s when a Zimbabwean team asked the Apostolic Faith Mission in South Africa for help to translate the Bible into their own language.   Over the course of several years Greek scholar and founder of TWFTW, Véroni Krüger  (DLitt), developed an interdisciplinary training programme which he and some others taught in a non-formal setting,  

Formal Training (1988-1997)
From 1988 - 1997 the training was offered as a two year course in White River, South Africa; first at the Africa School of Missions and later at their own premises. Twenty two students who envisaged a cross-cultural ministry graduated with a Diploma of Bible Translation.  When, however, only 6 of them became involved in Bible Translation, it was decided to relinquish training in South Africa and focus on training candidates from Bible-less groups in their respective countries. 

Integrated Training (1998-current)
Since 1998 we have offered the Diploma in Bible translation programme in an integrated manner of formal, non-formal and on-the-job training.  We have held training events in the DR Congo, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Eastern Europe and South East Asia.  The programme is recognised as equivalent to 2 years of a 3-year BTh programme at the South African Theological Seminary (SATS), a distance education institution.  For details of current locations and upcoming DBT training click here

Since 2012 we are offering a MTh in Bible Translation Consultation through SATS.  It follows the same practice-oriented approach as the DBT programme. Students can complete the  bulk of the modules in the country where they live.  For more details about our MTh programme click here.


Training Locations since De-centralisation (1998-current)