Opportunities to Get Involved

Become a Fund Raiser
We need help with administration and fundraising. Contact us if you are interested.

Mission trips 
Join a team for 2 weeks to the mission field to help distribute Bibles, show the Jesus film, offer practical help or computer skills, teach the Bible etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.

Teach on  the Diploma in Bible Translation programme
If you have studied Theology, Linguistics or Anthropology you may be able to assist us by teaching prospective and trainee translators for 2-3 weeks per year.  Pleasecontact us.

Short term consultancy
If you have theological training to a MTh or MA level or higher and are well versed in at least one Biblical language you might be able to assist with short-term consultancy in the field for 2 or 3 weeks per year. You would initially accompany an experienced consultant and undergo specific training on-the-job and could eventually become a recognised TWFTW consultant. For more information please contact us

Enrol in our Diploma in Bible Translation
If you would like to become involved in coordinating Bible Translation projects we would normally expect you to enrol in the Diploma course. For more information click here.