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A new consultant: Gudrun Rogler, a German lady with a PhD in linguistics, has recently qualified as a consultant with TWFTW. She stayed in Morogoro for 3 months from March to June to gain cross cultural work experience and is currently learning to speak Swahili.

She observed consultant checking sessions of 4 books of the New Testament since November last year (Romans, Hebrews, Peter and John), and has recently been mentored by Dr Barry Funnell to check Revelation, 1 Corinthians and James in 2 languages of Tanzania (Yao and Ngoni). Barry is very pleased with her competency and how quickly she has picked up the skills of working with Bantu languages.

She helped with the exegetical checking of Matthew with 3 teams while she was in Tanzania, and tutored several of our diploma students in various subjects of the training programme. She was also tasked with the consultant checking of Matthew's Gospel in 5 languages in June, two of which are Yao and Ngoni. This is the last book these two languages need checking in order for these New Testaments to be sent for publishing

Sept 2017

Group checking works: Barry just returned from O****a, a coastal region of SE Asia, and was able, in two weeks, to check the Gospel of Matthew in ten languages. This is the largest number of teams he has worked with in this group checking method so far.

An amazing feat is that on one particular day the teams managed to check 139 verses in all ten languages. This may not sound much but to put this into perspective that means a total of 139 x 10 teams = 1390 verses. We completed Matthew in 10 days (which has 1068 verses) with an average of 107 verses per day. Factoring this across the ten teams, they were able to check the equivalent of more than an entire New Testament in the ten days.

The traditional model of consultation was one consultant working with one team only. Imagine travelling to 10 locations to check each book of Matthew in 2 weeks.....i.e. 20 weeks of work. In the group checking method, pioneered by TWFTW Tanzania, we get the same result or an improved result, but 10 times quicker. This means remarkably reduced travelling expenses and time away from home for a consultant, and much greater efficiency for the individual teams as they learn from each other's successes. 

23 March 2017

Mpoto discovered: During Barry and Julia Funnell's first few years as missionaries in Malawi in the early 1990's they searched for the Mpoto people. According to the Ethnologue (a language research encyclopedia) the Mpoto lived in north Malawi. Barry and Julia failed to find the Mpoto in Malawi, but a few years ago, they discovered them in Tanzania. There are 83,000 living in the Songea region on the shores of Lake Malawi/Tanganika.

We rejoice with the Mpoto people as God has always know their address (Acts 17.26) and determined where they should live. Now he has spoken to them in their own language through the recent publication of Mark's Gospel. The Gospel of Mark in Mpoto was launched in Nov 2016, and work is continuing on the New Testament.

2 Dec 2016


 Maale Bible launch in Ethiopia with 9,000 in attendance: "What a brilliant experience!" says Daniel Davies of TWFTW UK. He was privileged to attend the Maale Bible launch in Ethiopia on the 10th of July. He was able to deliver 250 spectacles from the UK for those who needed them to be able to read their brand new Maale Bibles. Daniel says it was just so thrilling to see the 9000 people thronging the village paths and streets as they made their way to the launch venue. Please click here to watch a video clip of the launch. 

Congratulations to the Van As family who started the project in Ethiopia in the late 90's. They lived among the Maale people for several years and trained up four mother tongue speakers to translate the Maale Bible. Their work soon grew into more and more projects through TWFTW's expanding training programme. There are currently 20 Bible translation projects all run by Ethiopians and ground work is being done to start a further ten in the next year or two.

Ethiopia:Complete Bible for the Maale People! from The Word for the World on Vimeo.

24 Nov 2016


Expansion in Ethiopia: Our work in Ethiopia is really growing. There is such vision among the churches to reach the unreached groups. Still one third of the people groups have not yet had one verse of scripture translated. At our annual training in November last year we had 80 students representing 24 unreached people groups.

The Word for the World Bible translators now has 20 full scale Bible translation projects in Ethiopia. Four were recently added (Gayil, Baiso, Benna and Burji) - please click here for more information. Tesfaye, the National Director of Ethiopia says, "Our vision is to add three more languages this year, and another seven next year. So our total will be 30 projects in Ethiopia." 

The Maale Bible will be launched on 10 July, and the Aari Bible is being finalised for printing. To God be the Glory. Great things He has done!
15 April 2016 

Prayers for Alina answered: We are grateful to God for hearing our prayers and healing Alina from cancer. Alina, who is Polish, had been fully accredited as a consultant for TWFTW last year when she was struck down with life-threatening cancer and given only three months to live. Prayer really works!
Here is her testimony of 3 Feb: "People keep asking me how I am doing. I was waiting for the visit that took place yesterday. My test results are very good. Now I am officially in a full recovery! All I need to do is taking one pill a day that would prevent possible relapses...My favourite "onco doctor” says that I will be allowed to travel and work sometime in May.

"In the meantime I exercise my leftover muscles and have fun cooking vegan for a change. I enjoy spending time in the Lords presence as much as I want...Paradoxically, it has been one of the best periods in my life. There has been so many good things that took place because of this illness. He showed His Glory...." 

24 Feb 2016

Unprecedented growth in SE Asia: Over the past year our Bible translation work has grown enormously in South East Asia. At the end of 2014 we had 20 Bible Translation projects. These mushroomed into 49 projects by the end of 2015. These projects represent 20,000,000 Bibleless people.

In 2015 Dr Barry Funnell, CEO of TWFTW UK, spent ten weeks in SE Asia (four trips)  to train translators and consultant check the Gospel of Luke in 11 languages and the Gospel of Mark in nine languages (above photo) to prepare them for publication. We are continuing to train new translation teams and national consultants in line with our vision to have started 100 Bible translation projects by 2020 in SE Asia.

28 January 2016 

A historic launch on 6 September 2015 of 12,000 NTs in 6 languages will take place in Morogoro. The languages are Lughuru, Kwere, Zigua, Nguu, Pogolo and Ndamba. Many dignitaries have been invited and most of the leaders of TWFTW will be present. An executive meeting of the Leaders will take place for a few days after the launch in Tanzania. We trust these NTs will have a lasting impact and that God's Word would bring transformation to these people groups.

A week later, on 13 September, the Ndamba NT will be launched in the local Ndamba speaking area in Chita. Three days before this launch TWFTW UK are sponsoring a Ndamba Pastors' conference (10 to 12 Sept), where the 200 pastors plan to attend. Three members of TWFTW UK board will be teaching at the conference, plus a pastor from London.

 28 Aug 2015

Translation: New consultant from Poland: Alina Krajewska from Poland has successfully completed TWFTW's consultant development programme. We welcome her on board as there is a massive shortage of consultants.

Alina is planning to work with the Bergikta Romani group in cooperation with Wycliffe Poland.  She is hoping to start projects in several other Romani groups as well. She will also check translations in Africa and SE Asia.

She was mentored by TWFTW consultants, Manie van den Heever and Barry Funnell (pictured here with Alina) for a period of 2 years.

To read more about Alina’s background check our faculty page

 4 Dec 14