Literacy Updates

Clive is raising funds for Literacy: A friend of ours, Clive Bacon, is doing a triathalon to raise funds for our literacy programme among the Sena and Lambya people on 23 April. Please consider sponsoring him now by clicking here. He will be swimming 400m, cycling 10km and running 5km at an organised event in Lusaka, Zambia.

Clive is doing this because over 64% of the population of Sub Saharan Africa is illiterate. This figure is even higher among the Sena and Lambya people groups that The Word for the World is working among.Your donation will go a long way. We are planning on expanding our literacy centre and over 100 teachers have already been trained. Each centre needs a blackboard, which costs on average £11. The students each need a primer as well at a cost of £1.30.

Clive is 28% towards his goal of raising £500 for literacy. There is only one week to go. Every little bit helps, why not do your bit by sponsoring him if you are able, or even set up your own fundraising page on MYdonate to sponsor TWFTW

15 April 2016

Inadequate literacy resources: "Is this man really trying to teach a literacy class?" Our national director in Malawi, John Kadalinga, and the national literacy coordinator took an extensive tour towards the end of last year to visit all our literacy centres in the south and north of Malawi.

 One of their aims was to see what the needs were in the centres and also to train more literacy teachers, so more centres can be opened in the future. 

One of the biggest needs currently is to supply new black boards to each of the current 67 classes @ £11 only and to the new centres. Some classes were using tiny boards and others writing in the sand. Please consider giving towards our literacy fund to help the illiterate in Malawi and Ethiopia. You can give online by clicking here. Both countries are experiencing food shortages and high inflation due to drought. 

Training of literacy teachers

 We currently have 46 Lambya literacy centres and these teachers attended a refresher course last year (see photo) in Chitipa, northern Malawi. 

5000 Sena Bibles were distributed last year in the south of Malawi in partnership with Harvester (see, and 5000 Lambya New Testaments will be launched on 23 April this year.  White House Media is partnering with TWFTW to produce an audio version of the NT, which they plan to launch on 23 April as well. Recording will be done in Uganda.

These audio versions will also be made available in the literacy centres to assist greater access to God's Word, as is being done in the Sena literacy centres. There are plans to increase our literacy centres in Malawi from 67 to over 200. To do this we need to increase our current budget from £5,000 to £20,000. Please pray for us as we look for donors to help fund the plight of illiterate adults in Malawi and Ethiopia. Please consider giving to our literacy fund to help our illiterate friends in Malawi and Ethiopia by clicking here

24 Feb 2016

Big plans for literacy in Malawi: Towards the end of last year our literacy coordinator, Maxwell, did several weeks of training for new literacy teachers. We have had 45 literacy centres in the Lambya area in northern Malawi, and only 22 in the Sena area in southern Malawi. Maxwell gave these teachers refresher courses and gave then tools to train new teachers as well.

Our plan is to add a new coordinator in the Sena area (3 in total), and to start several new centres there. We need to re-supply the older centres with literacy primers, black boards, chalk etc. The budget for all of this is about £30,000 so we are looking for donors to assist with this. TWFTW UK has funded 1,500 new primers to be printed and funded the current literacy centres at a cost of £2355 last year, but we need help to improve the centres and expand the work in 2016. Are you willing to help towards this?  

 27 January 2016

Literacy: Sena literacy centres flooded: Three months worth of rain fell in 24 hours, which caused the Shire River, which runs through the Sena area, to over flow its banks.

TWFTW currently has 23 literacy centres among the Sena people. Over 100,000 people have been displaced due to the flooding, and most have lost their crops, and 159 people have lost their lives. One of our literacy coordinators, Fred John, lost his house in the flood. It fell down.

TWFTW UK supports John, Arnold and the 23 Sena literacy teachers, whose homes, crops and fields have been devastated  by these floods.

If you would like to make a special donation to help the 1000's of flood victims, please click here, and we will ensure the funds go to help providing food, seeds for planting crops and money rebuilding homes and literacy centres.

We have been able to send some relief already and here is a message from Arnold: "Dear Barry, I trust you are well. Thank you for the support that you sent to me. I just bought seeds and chemicals waiting for water to go and I need to find another cash for buying two bags of fertilisers. I thank for your hospitality, comforting me for tragedy that had happened to me." 

NTs in 10 languages for Tanzania: Six New Testaments have already been type-set and are currently at a printer in South Africa in the Lughuru, Kwere, Pogolo, Ndamba, Zigua and Nguu languages of Tanzania. A further four New Testaments are currently being type-set in the Makua, Ngindo, Kutu and Vidunda languages and will shortly be printed.

These are all part of the Morogoro cluster project in Tanzania. All ten projects are managed and checked simultaneously from one central office, which saves time and money. These projects were started by The Word for the World in partnership with Pioneer Bible Translators in 2006.

Checking 8 translations simultaneously in the Morogoro cluster in Tanzania using a video projector.

To read more about our work in Tanzania click here. 3 Dec 2014