Sponsor a Student

Sponsor a Diploma in Bible Translation student

Our Diploma in Bible Translation is a four year course that combines formal intensive lectures with guided self-study and on-the-job training.  It costs about £30 per month for one student. All our translators are required to take the diploma course, so by sponsoring a student you are contributing to a quality translation of the Bible and investing in the future of someone who may not have had the opportunity to study otherwise.

We aim to enable nationals to reach their full potential.  Education is a big part of that. Students who have completed our 4-5 year integrated Diploma in Bible Translation can earn a Bachelor of Theology and postgraduate degrees in their country of residence through the South African Theological Seminary (SATS), a distance education institution.

Click here to  sponsor a Diploma student (please specify DBT in comments line).

Sponsor a student to obtain a degree
You can sponsor a student to gain a BTh degree through South African Theological Seminary (SATS). Your 2 year commitment of £50 per month enables a student to gain a BTh through SATS while continuing to work on the translation of the Bible in his or her language.  We currently have 5 candidates who would fulfil the requirements and are eager to start their degree level studies at SATS.

We have several students who are looking for sponsorship:

Click here to sponsor a BTh student (please specify BTh in the comments line) . After completing the BTh Hons students go on to do a MTh, which is the recognised level of training by FOBAI required to become a consultant. We also have several students who are looking for sponsorship for postgraduate degrees.