Our Unique Translation Approach

TWFTW aims to produce natural, accurate and clear translations of the scripture. Our teams translate, on average, 10% of the Bible per year. While we place more emphasis on conveying the meaning of the original text in a natural everyday style of language, we also want to remain faithful to the original author's literary style of writing, and the impact he wished to create on his readers. We endeavour to follow the approach of literary functional equivalence in translation. To read more about this approach click here.

Status of Bible Translation Projects

Click here to see the Status of our 168 Bible Translation projects and our rate of progress in each of the languages we are working in. These 168 languages represent 48 million Bible-less people. We have completed 53 New Testaments and 9 Full Bibles. Click here to read our latest Publications Report.

The Process of Translation

Translators usually prepare the first draft translation of a biblical book by hand, which is then entered into a computer. The 3 translators then check each others' work in a team (team check). An exegete (translation advisor) then checks their work for accuracy. The draft then undergoes further checking by a team of trained reviewers, before it is tested in the community for clarity and naturalness.

Consultant Checking

Before publication can take place, a translation has to be checked by Bible translation consultants who are specialists in Biblical Greek, Hebrew and linguistics.

TWFTW has been able to consultant check up to 10 linguistically related languages at a time, saving time and money.

Such group consultations enhance the quality of a translation. The translation teams learn from one another's solutions to difficult passages. Group consultations have also proven to be a valuable training ground for trainee consultants.