Eastern Slovak Romani  (300,000 speakers)

Pierre and Lisa van Vuuren have been in Eastern Slovakia for 15 years, as this part of the country has the highest concentration of Roma people. Pierre is the National Director of TWFTW Slovakia and has overseen the translation work. He and Lisa are also involved in church planting and have planted a Romani church in Hlinne in addition to two other fellowships.

The translation team (from right to left in the photo) is Pierre (exegete); Marek (main translator); Igor and Laci (reviewers). They have completed the New Testament, which was published by TWFTW Slovakia in 2014. On the launch, which  took place on 8th November, 1000 of the 1500 printed copies were sold or given out.

An audio version of the New Testament has been recorded by Faith Comes by Hearing. To read the online version of the Eastern Slovak Romani NT on computer, tablet or smartphone click here. To listen to the audio version on your device click here.

The team has also produced 10,000 DVDs which contain 37 New Testament stories to cater for children.

If you would like to purchase an Eastern Slovak Romani New Testament or would like further information about the project, click on the following link: or use our contact tab to contact us.