TWFTW vs lockdown

A definite secret of our success as a Bible translation organisation has been the empowering of indigenous people to take responsibility for their own Bible translation needs. It was a wonderful day to hear our 1ndian National Director say, “We are totally foreigner free!”

The above photo is of the Bonde cluster of 4 languages in Tanzania, who had their Gospel of Mark consultant checked from 19 to 30 September. (There are no Covid lockdowns in Tanzania.) This new cluster project was started by Tanzanians, and was consultant checked by two local Tanzanian consultants who are currently doing MTh degrees and have been mentored for several years by many of TWFTW’s consultants. I (Barry) have checked their consultant report, and they have done an excellent job. Our international consultants didn’t need to travel under difficult lockdown restrictions.

Our aim in the countries where we work is to train translators, exegetes, consultants and management teams so they can work totally independanty, or “foreigner free”. We help, primarily, in training (much of which is done by competent local lecturers) using TWFTW training materials. We also help in financial support, and much needed prayer support, which is where your valuable partnership with us is still so needed.

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