Translators Tales! A few months ago TWFTW produced a report for 2022, and this was sent out to our monthly donors to help keep them informed of our work. The booklet contains a lot of facts and figures concerning our progress, presented in an easy-to-read way, that will provide answers to many of the questions that you may have, or didn’t know you had! What is our vision? How many indigenous Bible translators do we have? How many projects are we involved in? How many New Testaments have we been able to produce? How many training events do we put on a year? How many fulltime language consultants do we have? All these questions, and many more, are answered in this 21 page booklet. If you’d like to receive a free copy, please let me know, and I’ll be happy to put one in the post for you –

Contained in the booklet are a number of testimonies that should put a smile on your face, and cause us to thank God for the wonderful work our translators are doing!  

Nigeria: “Half of my church can now read and write in the Mashi language. This project has won lots
of souls for Christ. During the literacy day many people gave their lives to Christ. I myself am a graduate of the literacy classes and I can now interpret and translate the things I never knew before, all thanks to the literacy programme and Bible translation”.

Ethiopia: “An Ethiopian Orthodox priest told me: ‘I have heard that the Melo New Testament will be dedicated in a few days. We have been hesitant to be involved in this project as a denomination. However, when I heard that the New Testament had been completed in our language, I became very excited. This book is not only for Evangelical churches; it will be the tool for the transformation of the entire Melo community”.

Asia R1: A man raised as a non-Christian in a Galan-speaking family said: “I saw my son reading some work from Christian people. One day the translators of the Galan team came to our house, and I said to them: ‘why are you trying to make my son Christian’? Then they told me: ‘we are simply trying to get the words of our language correct in this translation’, so I decided to help them! Some months passed by, and I kept on reading the translation. Now I have come to know the truth and keep telling my friends and family about it”.

Serbia/Croatia: A Gurbet Bible translator reported, “after distribution of the Gospel of Luke in both Gurbet and Arli dialects, a man said that he was very touched by the story of the prodigal son. In that story he recognised himself and asked for additional explanations about Jesus. A big change became visible in this man. He gave his life to Jesus, and he quickly went home to tell his wife. We shared with her Luke’s gospel in the Arli dialect, and after a few days, she also came to surrender her life to Jesus”.


2nd July: Preaching at Warminster Baptist Church, Wiltshire
7-15: Annual leave – The Orkneys!
16-22: TWFTW management meetings in Hermanus, South Africa
23: Preaching at Pinelands Baptist Church, Cape Town (am)
26/27: Return flight to UK
2nd August: Preaching at mid-week service at Corsham Baptist


Please pray that God would send us more consultants! A lack of consultants often holds up the process of Bibles being published.

We continue to praise God for the illumiNations conference in Windsor last month. We have since received an additional pledge of €10,000 for a translation project in Albania!

Please continue to pray that our applications to various Christian trusts will continue to bear fruit, so that we can increase our project support overseas.

Praise God that all my preaching/speaking appointments went very much to plan over the last month. I would particularly value your prayers as I take part in management meetings in South Africa from 17-22 July.

A sobering prayer request just in from one of our training coordinators in Sudan. “Since 15th April we have been on the run from the ongoing fighting in three cities. My family and I have made it to the Red Sea State of Port Sudan, where it is very hot and humid. The translation department has been looted and destroyed by the RSF rebels, and our staff are scattered in different states. The translation work and the training has had to stop. We thank God that everyone is safe, but we know they are in great need. Please pray for the safety of the team and their families”.
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