You may wonder why we are involved in scripture engagement and may even ask the question; well now if they have the scriptures in their own language surely they would use what has been provided? Perhaps so in some instances, however in our modern world so many countries have a common trade language which all people in the country are supposed know and to use fluently. In these countries they have become used to using the scriptures in that language if indeed that language has the scriptures.

In Tanzania that is the case as Swahili is the common language and they have had the scriptures in that language for some time.It was our privilege to visit Tanzania once again this year. Last year we attended the launch of the 10 new Testaments and then went on to provide a conference for the pastors at Ifakara primarily aimed at the Ndamba people group.

This year a small team travelled to Dar es Salaam at the beginning of September. Alwyn a UK board member travelled together with the pastor Tom McGibbon and His wife Judy from Oundle Road Baptist church in Peterborough. Raymond Bigwa the Tanzanian Assistant Director and his wife Elizabeth were there to meet the team and were actively engaged in the logistics and as translators for our time in Morogoro and then in Handeni and Tangeni. The Morogoro and Tangeni conferences were aimed at the Luguru speaking people group while the conference held in Handeni was for the Zigula speaking people group. Please click here to read the full report.