Barry just returned from O****a, a coastal region of SE Asia, and was able, in two weeks, to check the Gospel of Matthew in ten languages. This is the largest number of teams he has worked with in this group checking method so far.

An amazing feat is that on one particular day the teams managed to check 139 verses in all ten languages. This may not sound much but to put this into perspective that means a total of 139 x 10 teams = 1390 verses. We completed Matthew in 10 days (which has 1068 verses) with an average of 107 verses per day. Factoring this across the ten teams, they were able to check the equivalent of more than an entire New Testament in the ten days.

The traditional model of consultation was one consultant working with one team only. Imagine travelling to 10 locations to check each book of Matthew in 2 weeks…..i.e. 20 weeks of work. In the group checking method, pioneered by TWFTW Tanzania, we get the same result or an improved result, but 10 times quicker. This means remarkably reduced travelling expenses and time away from home for a consultant, and much greater efficiency for the individual teams as they learn from each other’s successes.