Gudrun Rogler, a German lady with a PhD in linguistics, has recently qualified as a consultant with TWFTW. She stayed in Morogoro for 3 months from March to June to gain cross cultural work experience and is currently learning to speak Swahili.

She observed consultant checking sessions of 4 books of the New Testament since November last year (Romans, Hebrews, Peter and John), and has recently been mentored by Dr Barry Funnell to check Revelation, 1 Corinthians and James in 2 languages of Tanzania (Yao and Ngoni). Barry is very pleased with her competency and how quickly she has picked up the skills of working with Bantu languages.

She helped with the exegetical checking of Matthew with 3 teams while she was in Tanzania, and tutored several of our diploma students in various subjects of the training programme. She was also tasked with the consultant checking of Matthew’s Gospel in 5 languages in June, two of which are Yao and Ngoni. This is the last book these two languages need checking in order for these New Testaments to be sent for publishing