Consultant checking with the Roma team via Skype

I (Barry) spent two days per week over the past six weeks consultant checking the Old Testament books of Judges, Samuel and Kings with the Roma team. Pierre, Pal'ko and Stano were in their homes in East Slovakia and Michal, an exegete on the Roma project, was in Israel. I did the checking via Skype conference call from Bedford, UK. We were all able to see Pierre's screen on our computers via screen share, and I had an English back translation of the Romani text in front of me.

When I would ask a question or make a suggested correction to a verse, Pierre would translate my comments into Romani or Slovak. The team would discuss the suggestion and we could see the change being made in Romani on Pierre's computer. Praise God for modern technology and good internet connections which can be used in effective consultant checking. This saves time and expense in travel and accommodation.

The Roma responding to the Gospel

Červenica is a village deep in the beech tree forests on the other side of the Slanské mountain range, about 20 km south of Lesiček in East Slovakia. Pictured here is Ladislav giving a fiery Gospel message, using the Romani New Testament. The people listen avidly as if they have never heard Bible stories and several people have so far responded to the Gospel message. 

Please pray that the recent converts in this village will grow in faith, and for the Romani translation to impact many lives for Christ.