Application & Fees

Entrance Requirements 
The entrance requirements for our Diploma in Bible Translation (DBT) programme are:

  1. A calling and a passion for Bible translation
  2. Fluency in the receptor language and an ability to use it creatively, if it is the mother tongue.  Otherwise, the ability to apply linguistic knowledge.
  3. Love for the receptor language and those who speak it.
  4. Fluency in a language of wider communication in which a Bible Translation exists.  This is normally also the language of instruction for the DBT programme.
  5. Recommendation by a local church as being involved and in good standing.
  6. Grade 12 or an equivalent standard of senior schooling.
  7. Three years of study at a theological institution approved by TWFTW.

In line with our open-ended training philosophy, we consider candidates who do not fulfil the entrance requirements completely on a case-by-case basis.   

The DBT training costs about $720 per year for one student. TWFTW seeks to cover the costs for training its translators and prospective translators as most of them are not in the position to do so. Other interested parties are charged at cost. To find out how you can sponsor a student click here.

Download an application form or contact us for further information..