Our Work

The core of our work is the first time translation of the scriptures. 

After research to ascertain that there is a definite need for a Bible translation in a particular language, TWFTW recruits suitable speakers of the particular language (with the help of the local church or community) to be prospective translators.

These candidates (usually 3) enrol in our Diploma in Bible Translation training programme. Formal training is combined with non-formal and on-the-job training over a period of 4-5 years. Language or translation committees set up an office in the local area for the translation team to work full-time. Our goal is to translate the complete Bible, that is, both the Old and the New Testament.

TWFTW provides computers and logistical support throughout the life of each project. A Bible translation consultant checks the draft translation of each book to ensure good quality translations are published. We ensure the scriptures are published (often through the Bible Society or other publishers), and that the scriptures are used effectively.

We provide literacy classes where literacy levels are low to ensure people can read the scriptures. We partner with the organisation Faith Comes by Hearing who produces audio versions, as well as with Life Ministries, who produces the Jesus film. We also ensure the Bible is available in digital format for reading on the internet.